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Dr. Sebi, the world renowned  healer has cured several ailments with his Electric Cell Food. Reversing illnesses such as : Cancer, Herpes, H.I.V, Diabetes, Aids, High Blood Pressure, Blindness, Fibroids ETC.
Dr. Sebis bio mineral packages are used to cleanse the body of mucus, toxins, acids and bacteria. In result ridding the body of any disease. Along with a cleanse his products nourish , revitalize, and rejuvenate the body. 
The products are designed to cleanse the body on 3 different levels. Intracellular (inside the cells), Extracellular (outside the cells) & Intercellular (between the cells). As the products expels waste from excretion throughout bowel movements the illness is ultimately being eliminated.
Cleansing and nourishing has been treatment for all disease types. Each individuals body is different , thus causing variations of healing periods. In order to ensure a speedy recovery we recommend that you follow our diet of no meat, no diary, and no soy. As well as referring to your provided Nutritional Guide on the left hand side. 
*Dr. Sebi only has one office in the United States in Los Angeles, CA and one village located in Honduras*